Little Monsters

by Tom Fowkes

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'Little Monsters' is an acoustic collection written by Tom Fowkes.
Listed in chronological order, songs are born from experiences of emotional entanglement and conscious realisation from a deeper observation of self and other. Each track contains lyrics and a brief interpretation to deepen the meaning and relatability for the listener.

Recorded in Launceston, Tasmania by Pat Broxton.


released December 26, 2015

Guitars and vocals by Tom Fowkes
Additional guitars on 'Little Face' by Pat Broxton

Album cover artwork by Tom Fowkes
Additional graphics by


all rights reserved



Tom Fowkes TAS, Australia

Simple, heartfelt, acoustic joys.⁣

Album out now –⁣.
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Track Name: Rain
This morning I’m alone
I turn to you, no sight or sound
This feels strange
Like a breeze has come, blown you away

After all this time
The memories won’t change
It’s the thoughts that jeopardise

Getting in my way

I’ll catch you where you fall
Even if it gets me higher from here
I’ll be the one to get it wrong
Because I’m in love and love hurts sometimes

Because I’ll be brave
I’ll hold it out until the morning brings
Good or bad
I’ll prepare for the worst, the news might sting

I’ll soldier on

And feed all of my fears

Doesn’t it feel like your legs have washed away?
The river grows higher
I can see me drowning here

Don’t rain, please don’t rain

Down on me

My dear
Track Name: Little Face
So divine
You swept me up when all my life was going to shit
Swept the slate
I got to start a future, foundation saved

You’re purposed, I’m hiding
You knew what you wanted while I drifted inside
To waste a day
While leaves are green and falling, the light decays

Now you cry
While I, I’m undecided
While you try
I, I’m making up my mind

While I propose to tell the truth

Avoid the words that mean the most
Because I don’t know what I want

I lead you round in the dark

This damn unknown hurts you the most
I’m taking blows, let’s call a truce

This I know

I loved you the most

Little Face, you’re hiding
Track Name: River Twin
I’m not like you

I burnt too many hearts to count the coals
I ran to cool the sting I conjured in

To bless a serpent man sends light to the sorcerer
He’s cornering me and all my creature friends

Inner waken, inner wake

I saw a beauty stare to rest a thorn

In absence of my twin my body shares

To comprehend will steal my soul to sea
I’ve started flight for River rages free

River waken, River wake

Track Name: Closing Up
Closing up a way here
Miles and miles of grey there
If we choose to light the load
We choose to fight the fire
Here we are now
Coast alone, forms and souls

Unloaded, got to be alone now

For got to sit and wait

I’ve got to sit and feel

The truth it comes from the silence
When I rest my head
The quiet stone

Peace and abundance

Peace in a bow

Mother speak to me
Brother lead with me
But this plan is burning up

Your words are worse than stains

Lover of hope

Preacher, Preacher, teacher of love
When all the fighting

Struggle for pieces

Will I win this time, if I win my own heart
Win this time, if I win my own heart


Win my own heart

Win your own heart
And with my own heart
Open yours
Track Name: Inner Love
Surely I was better than, falling for the same you

If I had to renounce my secret
I’d fear you’d run for the trip

If I had to relate to… For me

And it came to me in this dream
I’m certain for the worst in myself
Because I’m seeking for silence
I’ll never be quite there

Because I’m hanging on for this game

And so, the day and it’s gone

Could you follow?
Outside it goes away
Outside it ghosts away

She’s more than I wanted for
Cries turn preaching in my own world
You could not be better than myself locked away
I am myself

On a road, cut to stone
Lovers turn, mean the most

Here we are, caved away latched in a sickness
Freedom for alone, need me

Freedom for loan, need me

Freedom for lone, need me

Latched away
Freedom, fighting, united, divided inside

Inner love
Inner love, it’s hiding
Track Name: Free Man
I loved the idea of us
I waited for months to hear you in real

It changed like the hours
You changed on your own

It wasn’t the same to be your friend

But I’ll wonder

How did we keep this secret?

And I’ll wonder

How did we be before?

One day it hurts

The change that was made in just September

We are

For a moment
Trapped in illusion, I believed in my fantasy
Trapped in the season

All-nighters to write to you

I watched the sunrise and I waited

For a message to say, "come and be with me
I would’ve made the change

I would’ve spent the change to run

If I had gone
Would there be... weak... have lasted?
If I had gone

Fear would be here

F***ing hungry

End this song

Eat a salad
Be my own
Track Name: Messy Men [Explicit]
Wash it go, over me and gone
Just in passing by watching you
Would you know?

Would you know the subtle stare from only where?

And just as far away as I can feel

How do we?

Would you know
 lovers forcing then

Barely even friends, 
barely ever friends

How can we make love to someone else

And then turn away, and then say, "I hate your f***ing guts!"?

How do we turn away and say, "I hate you now!"?

One day I will run into your face

And to 'roundabout', turn away still in grief

I hope we will share smiles of a favourite friend
That we once had, because I feel, I feel this

Because we once shared the fire
, the fire that we shared

My favourite memory will always be

When we stood in the sand, with our fingertips in the ground

It would've been the first time, that I said, that I want you

I said that I love


Still I’m struggling to see where that feeling arouse

Was it mine I create, or was it real sharing then?

Still I’ll try to forget the things that I said when I yell

I was following, yes I was following

My messy head

Still I’m following...
Track Name: Where I'm
Wash it away (in)

To choose it all

Rearrange myself to see
I’m howling down

It’s got to be you

To finish it all

To finish in the way

Somewhere I’m

Sit and feel alive

And say give all goes well
I’m safe
It’s so in me

In certain growth I say

To follow you

Make promises all

I’m finally where I’m

The golden valley

Because solemnly I

Forgiving I

To bridge this portal

And solemnly I

Consider I

Solutions are resting, forgotten where

Ground's soaked but whole

I’m certain this fear of

And all of this I stay to

This Earth
This world
Is where I wanna be now

Oh this Earth
Is where I wanna be now

It’s where I wanna be now
Track Name: In Us
Just incase we forget, what it meant
I’m crowded up in this space and it feels... a little mistake
What does it fool? Because I
Somebody said, "there’s a change in us, right in there"

Who in the world is us, but

It’s falling out of touch and

I tried to accept myself (I tried to forget)
But this pain I feel is real
This pain is here and I’m real, and I long to be yours

In this world done

The one that we were to figure out

Could this watch my head as it runs on by
The fiction ain't why, but it’s got to be

Lost in a crowded space and I'd love to take you there
Feelings alone have lost this war, but I remember that face

In us

The fiction is coming in hot
, but I've lost who I am, but I'll stay

The fiction is hot, but I'll remember

Could this be one as it was

Because it's open and it wanders away
To wonder who

To wander away
Track Name: Best of Me
A picture to tell, is not where I wanna see from

Only too well as I read, I see what I wanna be

Collecting fake words,
 only to let it make me
Let it make me
, as I try to

Only as one
To ready my own

I’ll escape if I wanna know

It’s my choice, it’s ours
To run where I’ll be

Just on my terms
It was my terms

It was mine

On my terms, it was on (only ever here)
On my terms

I was giving my best, all that I have
Because I was giving my best
, all that I have!

There’s a heart inside, covered in change

Could I strip it all down, and fill it with space, because I
I wanna be open, I wanna be

The best of me

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